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My first novel "Parivartan" (in Hindi) was published by Abhiruchi Prakashan, Delhi in 2003.  Parivartan is story of Ratna, a typical women from Uttranchal, a hilly state of India at the foothills of Himalaya.   Ratna marries at 13 but becomes widow when she is just 18 year old, and has a daughter to bring-up in the male dominated India of yester years, where there is no bigger curse for a women than becoming a widow. Generational changes in the Indian society have been depicted through struggles of Ratna, her daughter, and grand daughters,  determined to make a foothold in the ruthless world around them.

More about Parivartan- from inside cover page.

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Based on feedback from some Uttranchal writers, I believe Parivartan  is the first Hindi novel of the Uttranchal State. It is also first ever novel depicting travails of a women hailing from Garhwal hills.  

In June 2004,  Dhad Mahila Manch, a literatory and activist NGO in Dehradun organised a function for discussions on the novel and to honour me for contributing to the literature from that region. The event was covered by prominent Hindi dailies in Uttranchal; see coverage by  Amar Ujala, Danik Jagran, Doon Darpan, and Yugwani

The novel  has also been reviewed by some literary magzines such as Vagarth, Samiksha, and dailies such as Nav Bharat Times, Sahara Samay etc.


You can read here the Foreword of the novel by Shri Himanshu Joshi, a well known Hindi writer. 


Some feedback from the readers of Parivartan....


 " When I started reading this novel, I just could not stop. I hardly get time from my busy schedule but the novel binded me so much that I finished it in three days. It is such a powerful presentation of the life story of a typical woman from Garhwal that it feels as if everything is actually happening in the vicinity."

                                                         .................. Dr Navani, Dehradun


" The change in the status of women has been successfully depicted by the author but it's real success will be only when the society in this newly created state of Uttranchal will change on these lines.  The writer has shown the practical path to bring the change successfully."

                      ......... Prem Bhallav Bahuguna, Retd. Principal, Dehradun 


"The novel is not only interesting but completely shakes you- it is impossible for me to express in words. After reading the novel, I was  totally taken by it. My wife, who normally reads only short stories, also read the complete novel with a lot of interest. I congratulate you on writing such a high quality novel".

            ............ Suresh C. Maheshwari, Author and Social Activist, Delhi


"Coming from South India, reading Hindi books is not that  I ever did. When I started reading the book, to my surprise I found myself awaking long hours just to finish the other episode of the book. The story is very interesting and I would highly recommend each and everyone to read the book".

 ........... Neelima   Balabhadra, ex- Software Developer, Novo Nordisk, Denmark


" Your novel is worth appreciation for depicting plight of the hill women narrated in simple but effective Hindi. I think a movie should be made on the novel so that it reaches to masses."

       ............. Dina Nath, Retd. Scientist, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai


 "Normally I do not cry, specially not from reading a book. But your novel brought tears to my eyes and I cried"

                                       ................. Indu (a housewife and neighbour)


Sample Chapters for reading

To read first three chapters of the PARIVARTAN  click here.

For feedback on PARIVARTAN, click here.

How to order:

In India:

Price of the novel is Rs.300/-. 

Outside India:

Price USD 12, inclusive of packing and postage.

I am working out  payment through Paypal. Please visit the site later or send an email to me on


Parivartan- English Version

Parivratan has been translated in English.  To read three sample chapters in English, click here.

If you are interested in English version of the Parivartan, or would like to comment, please click here.



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